Edec Kabel vof is a Sales Office specialised in electrical cable. We represent and or cooperate with several cable manufactures like : E&E GmbH Germany, Lapp MULLER SAS France, CET eletric Italy, Flamar SRL Italy, Plasticavi SpA Italy, SIVA SRL Italy, ELUMEG GmbH Germany, ARVO Kabel GmbH Germany, TKD Kabel GmbH Germany, Kabeltronik GmbH Germany, Limitor GmbH Germany, Monette GmbH Germany and others.

Through our expertise we are able to answer in complex cable questions, and to offer solutions for special cable applications.

Main cable productlines are:

  • Robotic cables
  • medical cable systems
  • Hybrid cables
  • studio cables
  • offshore cables and special multicables
  • produced mainly to custumers specifications.

In addition to this, EDEC Kabel bv, also supplies a comprehensive line of standard wire and cable to offer a total “cable product range”.

Some Products are:

  • Hook-up wire in PVC, XLPE, Silicone, FEP and PTFE
  • Multicable LiYY, LiYCY and various other types
  • Audiocable, coaxcable and loudspeakercable
  • Multicable for conveyor and movable cable duct systems
  • Cable assemblies
  • Spiral cable
  • Cable mouldings and grommets, injection molding for this